Commodity Management

A main challenge in the Food Industry In recent years, the extreme volatility of commodity prices has created greater challenges than ever for procurement organisations trying to successfully manage risks and costs.

Our need to understand and manage commodities is a clear priority for the procurement function and this will intensify as the global dynamics continue to create an environment with a high degree of risk. At MWW we are actively engaged in putting a robust framework in place in order to manage risk and to position the procurement function as a business relevant partner, contributing tangible value to the strategic uninterrupted supply of fresh produce 52 weeks of the year.

Delivery & Logistics

Our ownfleet of vehicles delivers 50% of the volume produced from Birmingham every day, the other 50% through back haul and consolidated groupage to our key customers and farming operation.

Delivery & Logistics

The farm is supplied using a shunting system from Birmingham which keeps the operation moving in Evesham at Top Barn Farm with up to 8 trips a day, clearly an important supply chain which requires careful planning through our transport planning offices. The role of transport planning is to ensure all distribution points are met at their allotted times each day every day.

Delivery & Logistics

In addition to delivering, we collect from our key transport hub at Heathrow Airport. Heathrow Airport remains key to our legumes business with a daily truck of air freighted beans, tenderstem broccoli and chillies as a small example of our global sourcing.

Technologies & Processes

Ensuring safe, quality produce is fundamental to our business. We want every piece of produce to be sourced to the highest possible standards.

Our teams work tirelessly to ensure that we fully comply with UK and global quality and food safety standards.

Attached is our basic technical documentation outlining our core technical requirements, additional information can be obtained by contacting a member of our technical team.


In 2015 we moved into our state of the art facility. The site offers a fully temperature controlled packhouse, storage and warehouse.

With Ripening and Chilling facilities we have opportunity to tailor the process for each product ensuring every product that leaves our site has been selected in line with understanding of the final consumer’s requirements.

With Pallet space for over 3600 pallets our facility is named Altitude for its height. Offering significant expansion in the future the site offers a fresh produce facility that can continue to grow and meet the demands of the food industry.

The sites accreditation includes: BRC A++, ISO140001 and Soil Association.