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The experts in fresh, from field to plate.

For 60 years, Minor, Weir & Willis (MWW) Ltd has been brightening up Britain’s plates with some of the world’s most delicious fresh fruit, vegetable and salad, making even the most exotic lines available for everyone.

Our family-run business started with the smallest seed of an idea: to import the fresh foods that reminded founder Kewal Krishan Mehta of the home he left behind in India. MWW now farms around the world and has a network of growers in over 40 countries globally.

Today, we are one of the largest, independent fresh produce businesses in the UK and Europe. Driven by a keen entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for great tasting, high-quality fresh produce, we source and ripen homegrown and imported produce as well as growing on our own farms throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on being a sustainable and responsible business, supporting communities at home and around the world and re-investing our profits in our future development to ensure a brighter future for our employees, suppliers and customers.

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The experts that make it happen.

At MWW, we have a loyal and dedicated workforce of more than 700 people in the UK. It’s a vibrant mix of nationalities, with every individual handpicked as much for their zest for fresh food as well as their specialist skills and knowledge. Together, we deliver exceptional service, quality and value to our customers.

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Services we provide here at MWW.

Farming and Growing

As well as our own farming operations in the UK & Europe, Kenya, Egypt, Colombia And Dominican Republic, we work with a network of farmers in over 70 countries across the globe.


We work with our own growers and suppliers both in the UK and overseas to consider their water and soil security, and pesticide usage to reduce both food waste and their environmental impact.

Customer Focus

We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and value. Our aim is to always exceed everyone’s expectations for quality and value.

Delivery & Logistics

A dedicated in-house team manages our own extensive fleet of vehicles, supported with additional capacity through back haul and consolidated groupage, to ensure smooth running of our global supply chain.

Technologies & Processes

We continually invest in new technologies and processes in our packhouses and farms to ensure our operations are as efficient as possible.

Kid's Fruit

We are an active partner in the UK Government’s scheme which ensures that all children aged 4 – 7 have access to fresh fruit and veg.

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