Our Values

The values first introduced by our founder are now being nurtured and grown by the next generation of the Mehta family.

These values are influenced by 5 key principles which underpin our business philosophy:

Dedication & Loyalty.

Our employees and supply chain partners all believe in the company’s philosophy to deliver exceptional service, quality and value. Together, we collaborate as one team, making great things happen. Many of our staff, customers and suppliers have been with the company for more than 25 years. Dedication to excellence and loyalty are recognised and rewarded.


We are proud to not only support our colleagues, customers and partners, but also our extended family – the community, both at home and across the world. That’s why the company supports schemes such as FareShare, which harvest positive social outcomes and nourish communities in need.

Investing for the future.

As an independent private company, we take pride in investing for the long term, ensuring the company and our partners thrive for generations to come.

Doing the right thing.

MWW is committed to reducing its impact on the planet, and working responsibly with all of our partners through the whole supply chain. We want to grow crops more sustainably, lower carbon emissions from our operations, and minimise food waste.

Customer focus.

We have an absolute focus on how we can add value to our customers, through our collaborative approach and harnessing our deep expertise in our product categories. We will invest for the long term alongside our customers to create new and better food chains.

Another MWW Tenderstem Broccoli On A Bright Yellow Background Too

At MWW we show tender loving care to our Tenderstem® Broccoli

Meet the Team

At MWW, we have a loyal and dedicated workforce of more than 700 people in the UK. It’s a vibrant mix of nationalities, with every individual handpicked as much for their zest for fresh food as well as their specialist skills and knowledge. Together, we deliver exceptional service, quality and value to our customers.

Here’s just a few of our fresh experts:

Sant Mehta


Parveen Mehta, Operations & HR Director
Parveen Mehta

Group Director

Rajinder Blue
Rajinder Gill

Group Finance Director

David Alder

Group Technical Director

Shailesh Bisht

Operations Director

Sharon Affleck

Business Unit Director - Fruit / Ripened

Steve Swain

Business Unit Director - Veg

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