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Inspiring the Future: Broadway Academy Students Visit MWW

At MWW, we are passionate about fostering connections with our community and inspiring the next generation. Today, we had the pleasure of welcoming Year 10 students from Broadway Academy, Birmingham, for an enlightening visit to our facilities. The day began with an engaging tour of our packhouse, where students got an insider's view of our operations. They observed our packing and distribution processes up close, learning about the various roles that ensure MWW runs smoothly. This hands-on experience gave them a real sense of the teamwork and dedication required in our industry.

MWW Broadway Academy

Broadway Academy students visiting MWW. 

Learning from the Best

Following the tour, the students gathered for an insightful session with Leighton Hughes, our Head of HR. Leighton shared invaluable tips on entering the workforce, covering key topics such as crafting an effective CV, preparing for interviews, and understanding personal strengths. His talk emphasized goal setting and the importance of continually seeking growth opportunities.

A special highlight of the visit was the opportunity for students to engage with one of our founding directors and shareholder Parveen Mehta. This unique interaction allowed them to ask questions, gain insights into the vision and values that drive MWW, and understand the entrepreneurial spirit behind our success.




MWW Broadway Academy Visit (3)

A Taste of Quality

One of the visit's highlights was the fruit tasting session. The students sampled some of the fresh fruits we process at MWW, experiencing first-hand the quality and care we put into our products. They were thrilled with the variety and flavours, adding a delicious note to their educational experience.

Josh, one of the visiting students, shared his enthusiasm: “I really enjoyed the day. I haven’t eaten this much fruit in my life; it was tasty.” Another, Raffy added, “It was a really good experience and a fun morning.”

We extend our sincere thanks to Broadway Academy for spending the morning with us. Special appreciation goes to Leighton for his engaging and informative talk, and to our founding directors and shareholders for their time and insights. We look forward to more opportunities to inspire and connect with the community.

By opening our doors and sharing our expertise, we hope to spark curiosity and ambition in these young minds, preparing them for a bright future.


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