Our History

The MWW group has grown substantially over the last 40 years under the careful stewardship of the Mehta family. Their entrepreneurial spirit has  driven growth and attracted like minded staff and key partners across the globe.

Our Business Philosophy

Customer Focus

We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and value. Our aim is to exceed everyones expectations for quality and value.


We don’t compromise on quality or customer satisfaction, our goal is to get it right the first time, through rigorous conformance to systems and procedures.


We are open minded to new ways of doing things and are continually developing our skills and helping others to develop theirs.


We take enormous pride in doing our work in a social and environmental responsible manner.


We provide a culture of achieving positive outcomes. Our vision is shared with our entire team who are encourage to participate, grow and bring vision into reality.


We will always communicate relevant information quickly to others and ensure that it always supports the company aims and visions.

Team Working

We work together as one team this paramount in a winning organisation. We collaborate and share information to ensure we all work in one direction.

Our Brands

Born Tasty

Born Tasty are bringing health and innovation to the convenience market. Creating natural food that’s packaged and prepared in ways you’ve never tasted before.

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Our Suppliers

We work with suppliers from international supplier to small family farms in over 70 countries worldwide. If you’re interested in becoming a supplier and partnering with us, read more below.

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